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All Your Questions Answered!

Q: How much are the DVDs?
A: The price is generally £4.99 per DVD for single disc orders, we don't make any money on the DVD's, this just covers our time, raw materials, packaging and postage. It's our general belief in the MST3K motto 'Keep Circulating The Tapes' that keeps us, and the episodes going. For special offers we always have a different monthly 2 for £6.99 offer, a 5 DVDs for £19.99 deal, and also a 10 DVDs for £34.99 deal! Remember! We deliver free wordwide also!

Q: Is payment on this site secure?
A: Of Course! When you purchase from MST3UK we never even see your credit card details, nor does anyone else! Primarily weuse Paypal as our payment processor, Paypal's secure checkout uses RC4 128 bit SSL High Grade Encryption for your Debit Card & Credit Card transactions! What does this mean? It means you get a nifty little "lock" icon at the bottom right corner of your browser! (it also means that nobody will be able to view sensitive information as it travels between your computer and this site) We've recently added Google Checkout also.

A: If you live in the UK or Europe, PAL is the choice for you. US, Canada, Japan & Korea is NTSC. We generally wait to see where the order originates from and ship local region by default: i.e. if you order in USA and choose PAL by accident, we ship NTSC instead. This feature is really for Europeans with NTSC capable equipment who want to take advantage of that formats increased FPS.

Q: What is the quality of the MST3K DVDs?
A: The quality varies from episode to episode, to help you we are in the process of giving a quality rating to each episode. It relies heavily on the source of the recording, as you may be aware KTMA and Best Brains Inc. were not the greatest at archiving the episodes so we may have to use source material that has been captured from the original transmission. These are fan captured, broadcast quality episodes that have been lovingly remastered and offered to fans who simply can't get hold of the episodes. Often these versions are very good quality and have been given the Dolby Digital Sound treatment. Season 0 is the poorest quality, but thats to be understood as those episodes have never been rebroadcast since the 80's!

Q: Will the DVD discs be compatible with my player?
A: So far so good! YES! We have not had a single disc returned yet, (or a complaint email!) They are disc-image duplicated on premium quality name-brand (RITEK) DVD-R discs, using machines dedicated to the task. Consult the documentation of your DVD player to be sure it supports "DVD-R" discs (most units made within the last 2-3 years do). If you don't have your documentation handy, please check the compatibility of your player before ordering! For the international folks, don't worry... our DVDS are Region FREE!

Q: Will the DVD discs be compatible with my Game Console (e.g., Microsoft XBOX and PS3)?
A: Unfortunately, the list of supported recordable DVD media for game machines has been very inconsistent. For this reason, it is widely held that very few brands of DVD-Rs work consistently with them. Due to this inconsistency, DVD-Rs can NOT be recommended for playback on game systems with any degree of confidence - but your results may vary! I can confirm that the DVD's work on PAL (European) Playstation 1/2 & 3 consoles. Please let me know as you try them!

Q: How long will it take to receive my discs?
A: Your discs will be mailed out within 1-3 days of receiving your order and they should arrive at any UK destination within 1-3 days after that. Please allow 2 weeks for international orders to clear customs. All UK and European orders are sent out via Royal Mail 1st Class for small orders of 5 or fewer discs and via Parcel Post for orders of 6 discs or more. Orders outside the UK are sent via airmail. You will receive an email at the time each order ships.

Q: Do the discs come in cases and how are they labelled?
A: Even though we use premium brand RITEK DVD-R discs, you will not find them delivered in fancy, flashy, full-color packaging. This would simply double their price. If you are looking for full retail cases for these discs, you are likely in the wrong place. What we sell is content! However our movies are delivered safely in bubble wrap lined envelopes, on MST3UK (episode relevant) labelled discs, and in plastic protective wallets. We haven't had a complaint yet!

Q: Do you sell any MST3K that is sold commercially by BBI, Rhino, or is otherwise copyrighted?
A: No. Even though we love 0424 - Manos: The Hands Of Fate - we will not sell copies of that material. No exceptions. To do otherwise is to steal money from the folks that brought us the best puppet show in history. We fully respect their right to profit from their creativity and work. When episodes no longer are available from BBI or Rhino (as with 309 - The Amazing Colossal Man), we will again offer the BROADCAST version here.

Q: I don't live in the UK. Can I order these?
A: Absolutely! Fans world-wide have enjoyed our discs! Delivery is free WORLDWIDE regardless of order size (so make large orders). Simply specify whether you require the PAL or NTSC version and we will send you that version! If you have a question that we have failed miserably to answer here, then just drop us an email at We'll get back to you as fast as we can!!

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